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#1 Anti-Anxiety Calming Dog Bed - Gives Your Dog The Perfect Sleep And Bone Protection

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Designed to help your dog stay calm, relaxed and happy

Orthopedic Design To Protect Your Dog's Bones

Widest Variety Of Colors

Washing Machine Washable

#1 Anti-Anxiety Calming Dog Bed - Gives Your Dog The Perfect Sleep And Bone Protection

On getting this bed, your dog will benefit from…

Warmth & Security:
Premium Plush Fur Like Bed filled with perfect soft stuffing to surround your furry friend with love and warmth.

Instant Calming & Anxiety Removal:
Shaped to allow your pet to curl up or stretch. Raised rim gives your pet a sense of security and safety. These give your pet an instant calming effect, remove any anxiety, and provides a comfortable bed for the perfect sleep.

Easy Care:
Can be washed by hand, washing machine and tumble dry.

3 in 1 Purpose:
The most perfect pet bed for sleep. Can be lined up to create an ever changing playground your pet will love. Instantly calms, comfort, and removes anxiety from your pet.

High Versatility:
Huge variety of colours to blend with your home. Easily portable for hotel stays, park visits and more. Water and dirt resistant base keeps the bed clean at all times.

All weather comfort:
This bed is made of premium material that will help your dog to cool down during hot weather, and stay warm when the weather gets too cold. Perfect for all seasons in the year.

Special Note:
Depending on humidity, your new pet bed will take about 1-2 days to fluff up entirely. However, your pet will begin to enjoy the benefits of the bed immediately upon opening of the bed.