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3 Ways to make your dog happy

What Exactly and How Exactly do you bring joy to your dog?

As a dog owner, you are always finding ways to bring happiness and joy to your lovely pet. The uniqueness of having a dog as a pet is the love that they return to you every single day. But as many pet owners are wondering, what exactly or how exactly do you bring joy to your pet?

After 10 years of research and observation, it seems that the joy of your dog comes down to 3 main factors:

➡️ 1. A happy and healthy body

Can you remember the last time you tried getting up for the day, but felt body aches, muscle cramps, or pain somewhere around your body?

No matter how excited and ready you are for the day, you can only truly enjoy it when you have a healthy body and a well rested mind.

This is why research has shown that a proper dog bed with the right toughness and softness is important in ensuring your dog's good health and well rested mind to enjoy every moment of the day.

➡️ A good comfortable home

Protection and safety are in the minds of your little pal. Your cute little dog looks to you as their pawrent (pack leader). You are its family, and where you and your dog lives is where it seeks to find comfort and protection.

However, you must note that this comfort and protection refers to the furry comfort that your dog can snuggle with and run to whenever it feels it is in danger, or when it feels a sense of anxiety. (I want mummy's and daddy's hug).

Not every pet bed is the same. A pet bed with raised border helps your dog to sense the "coverage and security" of a mother's hug. You know that when you feel secure and protected, you have the peace to live happy.

➡️ Lots of love and attention

A dog is human's best friend. They love your attention because it shows them that you love them. Your dog knows when you give them presents and knows when you love them. (Isn't that adorable!)

There are many things that you can do that will bring them joy - giving them treats, spending time with them, talking to them... but most importantly, giving them the peace, security, and a good bed to sleep and rest in each night.

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Happy Pet Owner's Happy Dog Beds is a dog bed company that was established with the mission of helping pet owners to take care of their dogs better. We believe that taking care of a dog can be easy because your dog notices, loves and appreciates the things you do for it.

Happy Dog = Happy Pet Owner.