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4 Ways To Know Whether Your Dog Has Anxiety

When you ease your dog's anxiety, your dog's health will improve.
You will get back your free time, and will be able to enjoy returning home to see your dog happy like never seen before.

First, you need to identify that your dog is experiencing anxiety.

Today you will know the 4 simple steps to identify whether your dog is experiencing anxiety.

1. Behavior before you leave home
Most dogs are able to sense when you are about to leave home. It can be because you spray your favourite perfume, or the bag you carry, or even the way you move. When your sense that you are about to leave home, it will start to portray a difference in its behavior.

This difference is often subtle, and can be in the form of whining, sticking close to you where ever you go, or even constant biting of a chew toy. What your dog is doing is to try to calm itself down.
2. Destructive behavior
This can happen while you are at home, and also when you are not at home. This can be observed in the form of chewing, biting, peeing and pooping in undesignated places, pacing up and down, panicky attempts to escape from it's cage/kennel/room, continuous scratching, sniffing, whining.
3. Self destructive behavior
Especially Salivation, vomiting, not eating its food, or eating very little.
4. Behavior when you return
Extreme excitement when you return.

If your dog portrays any of these 4 behaviors, it is a way to identify that your dog is experiencing anxiety, and this has to be addressed as fast as possible to prevent harm over your dog's mental and physical health.

What we do at Happy Pet Owner is to help dogs to ease their anxiety, so that pet owners can be happy and have a peace of mind knowing that their dogs are stress free and happy.
You can achieve this quickly by using our much researched and developed Anti-Anxiety Pet Bed. Our beds are measured to perfection in the firmness, so that your dog will not think that the bed is a huge chew toy and start biting it. The length of the "fur" surrounding the bed is measured to the ideal length, smoothness, and softness that mimics the warmth of a mother's coat.

This is the #1 way to quickly ease anxiety in your dog.

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