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Dog Anxiety - How You Can Solve Dog Anxiety


Is your dog showing signs of anxiety? What are some signs of anxiety?

 A simple check on google will show you that 72.5% of dogs display anxiety. Some dogs do not display their anxiety openly, or may display their anxiety in ways which you may not notice.

Dogs are loyal, loving friends, and always enjoy being attached and together with their owners. This however leads to the issue on anxiety when left alone, and this then leads to stress and psychological issues.

Dogs tend to experience greater levels of anxiety as they age. These anxiety may not just be based on being left alone. Many dogs experience anxiety during thunder storms, and even when walking on certain surfaces like metal grilles.

Some visual outcomes of dog's anxiety can be urination on the floor, unhealthy eating habits, running to hide in a corner, consistent barking at strangers or at nothing, continuous scratching or the door, or damaging your furniture.

Regardless or whether your dog is showing signs of anxiety, your lovely pet will surely have its good and bad days. Similar to many of us humans, the ideal way a  dog deals with anxiety is to cuddle where it is warm and secure.

Traditionally, dogs would live in a pack, and they would gather together in times of fear and anxiety. However, these days, many domestic dogs (home dogs) do not have a huge pack to gather around with.

The Happy Pet Owner Anti-Anxiety Dog Bed is made with the ideal toughness of a mother dog. The raise rim of the bed makes it ideal with your dog to snuggle it's head and body around. Your dog instantly feels the warmth and security. The Happy Pet Owner Dog Bed will remove anxiety and fear your dog may have.

This helps your dog to be happy and loving you all the time. A happy pet will make you a proud and Happy Pet Owner.