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Fast way to remove anxiety from your dog

In our previous discussion, we learnt that anxiety in dogs is often a mixture of issues pertaining to sense of smell, sense of hearing, and missing of it’s family (you).

Today, we will look into how you can quickly resolve these issues.


Solution for your dog’s sense of smell

Dogs identify their location (where to go, where they have been to, who have they met before) from their sense of smell. It is common for dogs that live near forested areas, or places where scent changes drastically to become fearful and experience anxiety when smell in their surroundings change. If it loses your scent, it can cause the feeling of fear and panic in your dog.

Your desire for a casual walk or your need to leave home to settle some chores will instead bring fear to your dog which thinks that you are leaving him behind.

To keep your dog calm, it helps to put an old shirt where your dog loves hanging out at. This however is not a good solution because scent from the shirt can diminish too quickly to keep your dog calm until you return.

Some pet beds claim to be able to “capture” your smell as well as your dog’s scent. This method works, but many beds do not use materials that can hold on to smells for long. If the bed starts to smell of plastic or any other material except your scent, your dog will start to panic and think that you are gone.


Sense of hearing


Loud sounds can scare your dog. Sounds of people walking past your door can start your dog barking. It is natural for dogs to enact to sound. After all, they have very good hearing. This issue is most common among pet owners who live in high rise buildings or densely populated places.

When your dog hears something that scares it, it must be able to run to a place where it can feel secure and confident at. This place should be able to quickly calm your dog down. Not being able to calm down and continuously being in anxiety can lead to negative psychological impact on your dog.

A cosy place for your dog will be a place with a soft yet firm base. The softness of a grass patch, or some carpeted ground is good. Warmth on this soft base is crucial. It should not be too soft like a bed or a stack of clothes, and not too hard like a wood base.

At this point, it will help if this cosy resting area has your scent, as well as your dog’s familiar scent. This will help your dog to sooth down quickly.


Missing it’s family

Like us humans, dogs desire hugs from time to time. A firm hug can bring joy to your dog, and can quickly help it to reduce any fear and anxiety.

To stimulate this hug, you need to have a propped up firm barrier that your dog can snug it’s head into. When your dog sinks it’s head or parts of it’s body into a snug firm warm place where it can smell your scent, it will calm down quickly. It will also give your dog assurance that it is not alone.


Let’s compile what you need to solve your pet’s anxiety effectively

A firm foundation for your dog to rest and sleep in, as well as run to in times of fear and anxiety, and a nice propped up barrier where your dog can feel safe to rest on or lean on is crucial in removing your dog’s anxiety. Materials used to construct this rest area must be able to capture your smell as well as your dog’s smell, and also keep your dog warm so that it can feel cosy.

The Happy Pet Owner Anti-Anxiety Dog bed is made with the perfect firmness that will give your dog confidence. It is made with premium plush and faux fur which will capture the scent of you and your dog so that your dog will always feel safe. It’s raised rim is plumped up to feel like the sides of an adult dog. Your dog will be able to snug it’s head under the raised rim, or lean on it to feel a sense of security. The Happy Pet Owner Anti-Anxiety Pet Bed is the #1 bed you need to remove your dog’s anxiety. It will keep your dog happy and goes the extra mile to provide your dog a peaceful sleep. This bed will keep your dog happy and bring you a peace of mind.

We believe that a happy pet will lead to a happy pet owner.

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