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Solve Your Dog's Motion Sickness In 2 Simple Steps

Motion sickness can be a
form of anxiety...

The good news is that it can be solved easily...

But only if you understand the psychology of a dog.

I have helped many whose dogs have motion sickness.

It is so simple, you can do it with 2 simple steps...

Here's how you can solve dog anxiety if your dog is travelling in a vehicle with you...

1. Hold tight onto your dog

A moving car can get bumpy and jerk a lot.

This can cause your dog to feel uneasy, motion sick, and cause it to vomit.

The first thing you have to do is to give it the sense of safety.

This can be done easily by hugging your dog - some pet owners find ways to strap their dogs firmly to the seat, but nothing beats your firm hold over your dog. Your dog will sense safety and security when you hold on to it.


2. Lay it down on a firm soft surface while letting it sniff a common family scent.

This can be sniffing a worn shirt, or a common cloth it often sleeps with.

The firm surface will help it to feel secure and confident.
The common scent will help your dog to stay calm.

A fast method will be to lay your dog down on our Happy Pet Owner Dog Bed.

This bed is made to proper firmness that works to help your dog to feel safe and secure. The fur like sides holds on to common scents that only your dog can smell.
This will calm your dog during travels, and help your dog to get used to travelling in a vehicle.

Gradually, you can do away with hugging on to your dog during travels.
Once your dog has gained full confidence in travelling in a vehicle, you can remove the bed entirely during it's travels, and lay it down as it's rest area in the house, where it will enjoy good restful sleep.