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Solving Your Dog's Anxiety - Where To Start

As the world returns to normalcy, many pet owners are required to return to their work places or school. Many have since then realized that staying home for long periods of time has led to their pets developing signs of separation anxiety.

Your dog has you on it's mind all the time, and now that you are leaving it home alone, it will feel left alone, and sad. This sadness then leads to anxiety, which is one of the biggest reason for destructive, disobedient behaviors in dogs.

Here are some things you can do:

1) Make leaving home fun and rewarding
Turn it into a reward waiting game. Start off by telling your dog that you are leaving. Go out the door for about 10 seconds, then open the door and praise your dog while giving him his favorite treats. Slowly extend the waiting time, but always remember to celebrate and reward your dog. Once your dog gets the idea and thinks that it is a waiting game which will reward him for waiting, cut down on the treats, and just focus on the celebration. Slowly you will notice that your dog is used to waiting when you leave home, and will run to you happily when you reach back.

2) Provide an enriching environment.
Ensure that your dog's living area is filled with entertaining and interesting toys. Dog's are very intelligent pets, and will need to be occupied with new games and ideas. Allowing it to be occupied with fun activities will prevent your dog from feeling a sense of anxiety.

3) Avoid being overly close with your pet.
It is common to hug your pet while reading your book or doing your work. However, you want to try to avoid being with your dog throughout the day. Let your dog gain some independence. It will help your dog to know that it is ok to wait for you when you are not around.

4) Always leave a proper shirt that belongs to you around where your dog loves to play.
The scent from your shirt will remind your dog of you, and help it to know that you are still "around" and have not left it alone. It is important to change this shirt periodically, so that your fresh smell continues to be on the shirt.

A good way will be to use Happy Pet Owner's Anti-Anxiety Dog Bed. The bed is made with material that will lock your new scent in every day. It is also made with perfect comfort that will help your dog to feel happy to snuggle in the bed while waiting for you.
This eases anxiety tremendously for your dog, giving your dog and you a peace of mind.

So to conclude, you can start to work on your dog's anxiety by:
1) Making leaving home fun and rewarding
2) Provide an enriching environment
3) Avoid being overly close with your pet
4) Always leave a shirt that belongs to you around where your dog loves to play.
5) Happy Pet Owner's Anti-Anxiety Dog Bed is a fast method in helping your dog to ease anxiety, so that you can leave home with a peace of mind, and know that your dog is safe.