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The Most Common Anxiety In a Dog

Removing your dog’s anxiety can be as easy as the push of a button

You will learn the whys and how today.

According to statistics by CENTRAL CALIFORNIA SPCA (CCSPCA), the most common reasons for dog anxiety are:

✅ Abandonment
✅ Fear of being left home alone
✅ Loud noises
✅ Travelling
✅ Being around strange people

Many dog owners try a variety of methods they read online, but realise that even though these methods sound logical at first, they rarely work.

Anxiety is a psychological issue in many dogs, and the only effective way is one which works consistently every time a dog experiences anxiety.

Can you bring your dog for a walk every instance it experiences anxiety?
Can you rush home the minute your dog starts having anxiety because you are not home?
What effects do anti-anxiety chemicals have on your dog’s health over time?

When my dog had anxiety for 3 years, I tried all sorts of methods to keep it calm. From chemical means, to physical massage and long walks.

Then it dawned on me that chemicals may seem harmless to us humans, but over dependence on it has its side effects. I also realised that unless I can be with my dog every moment of its life, there is no way I can be there all the time just to prevent my dog experiencing any anxiety.

Long hours spent with my your dog can cause it to become overly attached, and this can further escalate it’s anxiety when you are not around.

What your dog needs is a way to remove its anxiety whenever it feels any discomfort. The less anxiety your dog experiences, the happier it will be.

The HappyPetOwner Anti-Anxiety Dog Bed works similar to a push of a button. The ideal firmness of the bed, raised calming rim, and scent retention helps dogs to calm down instantly. This bed is the final product from years of research and tests, to ensure that your dog stays happy physically and mentally. This bed is also made with orthopaedic features in mind, to prevent bone and joint issues as your dog grows up.

No chemicals needed, just set it up and let it work it’s magic.

Having a HappyPetOwner Anti-Anxiety Pet Bed will take off all your questions and worries on your dog’s anxiety issues. You will regain the joy of being able to move about and even out of your house without worrying that your dog is experiencing any anxiety attacks.

Get your HappyPetOwner Anti-Anxiety Pet Bed Today and start to experience the joyful difference it will bring to you and your dog.

This machine washable durable bed can be found here: www.HappyPetOwner.com