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Why Is Your Dog Is Biting It's Cage/Toys Non-Stop!

Keeping your dog in a kennel is one of the most common reasons leading to dog anxiety.

If you identify that your dog is experiencing anxiety, then check if you are leaving your dog in a kennel for long hours.

Like humans, dogs do not like to be confined to a small area for long hours. It is alright to have them in a restricted area for their safety. The area can be a room, or the kitchen.
I recently spoke to a dog owner whose dog had to be placed in a safe room when they are not home because it was prone to chewing on the electrical cables!
However, it is important that you provide toys to engage your dog's mind, and provide a firm comfortable resting place for it.

The Happy Pet Owner Anti-Anxiety Dog Bed is an ideal place that will help your dog to stay calm and happy, and continue to have good joint and bone support due to it's well made firmness.

So remember, you need to make sure that your dog has 3 elements in place:
1) Spacious room it can roam around
2) Engaging toys to entertain it (I love food toys where my dog has to work hard to get the food out)
3) A comfortable firm rest place where it can sleep, rest, and stay calm throughout the day.