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Why is your dog licking your face, and is it ok for your dog to keep doing it?

Imagine returning back to your dog after leaving it alone for some time.

You dog runs to you and starts jumping on you.
You carry it up to give it a hug, and it starts licking you continuously.

What does it mean, and is it ok if your dog keeps wanting to lick you?

Dogs lick a human’s face to show affection and respect.
Your dog is elated to see you return after having felt like you have disappeared for a long time.

In it’s mind, it’s thinking “I’m so happy! Where have you been? I love you so much!”

However, if after some time, you place your dog down, and it continues to jump in constant excitement, showing it wants to continue licking you, it can signal that your dog has been experiencing anxiety.

Excess Licking Can Signal Stress And Anxiety

When you leave your dog behind, your dog will naturally feel a sense of loneliness, and a desire to be with you (Dog’s are instinctively pack animals and want to be together with you).

Being unable to stick around you, and being unable to do anything about it, creates anxiety in your dog.

This anxiety builds up over a period of time, leading to behavioural issues, and if it is still left untreated, it often leads to psychological issues in dogs.

3 Important Steps To Prevent The Build Up Of Anxiety

Step 1: Get your dog used to being left alone for short periods of time from young.

Dogs pick up most of their habits from young.

The most common mistake new dog owners face is over attachment and spending too much time with their puppy. We all love our new dog.

We would love them to the world’s end, and hope to spend as much time with them as possible.

But we will also need to teach them that it is ok when we leave them alone from time to time.

To train your dog to understand this:
a) Place your dog in a common room where it will often spend time in
b) Instruct it to wait
c) Close the door and let it wait for 3-5 seconds
d) Open the door and congratulate your dog while giving it a piece of dog treat
*Repeat steps c and d multiple times, each time extending the duration from seconds to minutes, and minutes to hours.

When done correctly, your dog will spend time playing with his/her toys when you leave it alone, instead of getting worried wondering if you have left it behind.

But Dogs Are Smart… This Method Will Not Last For More Than An Hour…

This brings us to the 2nd step.

Step 2: Leave a worn shirt around where your dog hangs out.

Dog’s rely on scent alot. Their sense of smell signals to them if danger is around, or how far you have gone from their surroundings.

This is why many dog owners lay a piece of worn shirt where their dog plays. A worn shirt with your body smell signals to your dog that you are not too far away, and that it is safe and not abandoned.

And because your dog thinks you are around, it will feel at ease and not quickly fall into anxiety.

Ok… but many have tried this method and it does not work for more than 1-2 hours… 

It is true that leaving a worn shirt around your dog will only help it to calm down for a short period of time. Within an hour or two, your dog will quickly notice that you are not around. Your scents on the shirt is easily replaced by your dog’s own scent. This is when anxiety begins to build up. (After all, they are highly intelligent, and will know that you have been gone for a long time).

This leads to the final step.

Step 3: Provide a soothing emotion and maintain your scent around your dog for hours while you are not around.

Want to know how to do that?

First understand how this works:

What you see here is a head massager. It has been making it’s rounds around the internet because of how relaxing it is when you rub it up and down your head.

Why does this head massager work to instantly make us feel relaxed?
Because this is how our body reacts to how the massager feels to us.

Similarly, you need a solution that will help your dog to instantly feel calm, ease any fear, stress, or anxiety… while maintaining your scent on it for many hours.

The Happy Pet Owner Anti-Anxiety Calming Dog Bed is made to help dogs feel calm and relaxed when they come into contact with the bed.

Because the bed helps your dog to feel comfortable and eases it’s anxiety when it is on the bed, your dog will instinctively go to the bed when it feels any discomfort from anxiety.

Our beds are made with premium plush material, providing your dog with the firmness it needs to feel safe and secure in.

The fur-like surface will encapsulate your scent for hours, helping your dog to stay calm knowing that you have not abandoned it.

The end result is that whenever your dog feels stress or anxiety, the Happy Pet Owner Anti-Anxiety Calming Dog Bed will provide your dog with a comfortable place to rest while easing its anxiety.

We have helped many pet owners to remove their dog’s anxiety by following these 3 simple steps. No medication is needed!

Get your own Happy Pet Owner Anti-Anxiety Calming Dog Bed now, and begin to see a joyful difference in your dog as it waits for you to return back every day.

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A Happy Dog = A Happy Pet Owner.