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Why do dogs often run to a corner in fear and anxiety?

This is a common issue that many experienced dog owners find hard to handle. Your dog may be playing happily for a moment, then suddenly it starts running to a quiet corner in your house, and starts barking, or in more severe cases, constant whining. In such a case, you can be sure that your dog is afraid. This fear leads to anxiety, and is often caused by something that has triggered one of your dog’s 3 senses. 1. It’s sense of smell2. It’s sense of sound3. Missing it’s pack Sense of smell We all know that dogs rely a lot on their sense of smell. When you observe your dog sniffing around the grass during a walk, it is...

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3 Ways to make your dog happy

What Exactly and How Exactly do you bring joy to your dog? As a dog owner, you are always finding ways to bring happiness and joy to your lovely pet. The uniqueness of having a dog as a pet is the love that they return to you every single day. But as many pet owners are wondering, what exactly or how exactly do you bring joy to your pet?After 10 years of research and observation, it seems that the joy of your dog comes down to 3 main factors: ➡️ 1. A happy and healthy body Can you remember the last time you tried getting up for the day, but felt body aches, muscle cramps, or pain somewhere around your body?No matter how...

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