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About Us

Our HappyPetOwner™ Anti-Anxiety Calming Dog Bed is an inspiration from an age-old concept that is practiced by therapists to help ease anxiety.

This bed rejuvenates the nervous system which allows your fur kid to calm down faster, relax easily, and sleep soundly.

We are passionate about improving the lives of dogs and the people who take care of them, by developing high-quality, functional, and highly effective anti-anxiety calming dog beds that are accessible to every dog owner.

On using the HappyPetOwner™ Anti-Anxiety Calming Dog Bed, you can expect your dog to enjoy better health and well behaved behavior.

With hundreds of 5 star reviews, you can see that dog owners around the world have tested and experienced the effectiveness of our dog bed.

Our Anti-Anxiety Calming Dog Bed has been known to:
- Ease dog anxiety, helping dogs to stay calm especially when left alone.
- Protect and allow healing of dog's muscle and bones while they rest.
- Remove overnight pacing, and providing good restful sleep.
- Correct anxiety behaviors such as barking, whining, and destroying furniture.

We have changed the lives of many dogs around the world and we want to help yours too.

If you are looking for ways to improve the life and health of your dog, get our Anti-Anxiety Calming Dog Bed.

All of our beds are tested by our team's dogs, as well as many dog owners who have given us 5 star reviews.

We know that your dog will benefit from the HappyPetOwner™ Anti-Anxiety Calming Dog Bed too!