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Why is your dog licking your face, and is it ok for your dog to keep doing it?

Imagine returning back to your dog after leaving it alone for some time.You dog runs to you and starts jumping on you.You carry it up to give it a hug, and it starts licking you continuously. What does it mean, and is it ok if your dog keeps wanting to lick you?Dogs lick a human’s face to show affection and respect. Your dog is elated to see you return after having felt like you have disappeared for a long time.In it’s mind, it’s thinking “I’m so happy! Where have you been? I love you so much!”However, if after some time, you place your dog down, and it continues to jump in constant excitement, showing it wants to continue licking you, it can...

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Solve Your Dog's Motion Sickness In 2 Simple Steps

I get how you feel When I first had my 2nd dog, I was excited to bring him to every dog-related event around where I lived. I was all packed and ready. We got in the car and started our way to what was supposed to be an exciting trip to meet other dogs. I never thought that my dog would have problems sitting in a car. When we reached our destination, my dog got into an unusual posture.His stomach made a weird sound, and then he vomited. Motion sickness can be a form of anxiety... The good news is that it can be solved easily...But only if you understand the psychology of a dog.I have helped many whose dogs have motion sickness.It...

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Why Is Your Dog Is Biting It's Cage/Toys Non-Stop!

Keeping your dog in a kennel is one of the most common reasons leading to dog anxiety.If you identify that your dog is experiencing anxiety, then check if you are leaving your dog in a kennel for long hours.Like humans, dogs do not like to be confined to a small area for long hours. It is alright to have them in a restricted area for their safety. The area can be a room, or the kitchen. I recently spoke to a dog owner whose dog had to be placed in a safe room when they are not home because it was prone to chewing on the electrical cables! However, it is important that you provide toys to engage your dog's...

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4 Ways To Know Whether Your Dog Has Anxiety

When you ease your dog's anxiety, your dog's health will improve.You will get back your free time, and will be able to enjoy returning home to see your dog happy like never seen before. First, you need to identify that your dog is experiencing anxiety. Today you will know the 4 simple steps to identify whether your dog is experiencing anxiety.1. Behavior before you leave home Most dogs are able to sense when you are about to leave home. It can be because you spray your favourite perfume, or the bag you carry, or even the way you move. When your sense that you are about to leave home, it will start to portray a difference in its behavior.This difference is often subtle, and can...

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Solving Your Dog's Anxiety - Where To Start

As the world returns to normalcy, many pet owners are required to return to their work places or school. Many have since then realized that staying home for long periods of time has led to their pets developing signs of separation anxiety. Your dog has you on it's mind all the time, and now that you are leaving it home alone, it will feel left alone, and sad. This sadness then leads to anxiety, which is one of the biggest reason for destructive, disobedient behaviors in dogs. Here are some things you can do: 1) Make leaving home fun and rewardingTurn it into a reward waiting game. Start off by telling your dog that you are leaving. Go out the...

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